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Since Instagram caught fire a few years back, everybody and their uncle has upgraded to smart phones and started "curating" their lives. I'm guilty of falling prey to cool filters, but have tried to use the medium for legitimate artistic composition. Now, it's easy to call oneself an artists or curator, citing personal blogs or Tumbr accounts. I don't pretend to "curate" my photo collection, I leave that to academics with Ph.Ds. It is fun, however, to play with lines and light, and I've tried to capture bits of my abstracted life. Here are a few of my favorites.

Inside Memorial Hall, Harvard University.

Wood, paint, Bondo. Beacon Hill, MA

Peaks Island cottage, ME

Life savor.

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Tea and Pills

Once or twice a year I get strep throat. It's never fun, but while I have time I might as well photograph the colors of a sick day. For now I have an endless cup of Jasmine tea and Radiohead on rotation.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dorm Rooms

I wish I could have four more years in college. I made a habit of taking photos that epitomized my experience over those four years, organizing my dorm rooms in different ways and documenting my friends. I bought a Nikon D200, and using my dad's non CPU lenses, started playing around with film and digital photography. Here are a few of my favorites from 2008-2012.

Spring Weekend is the highlight of Spring semester. It's the weekend where you forget you have a test on Monday, make a gin bucket and throw on some LCD. I made sure I always had a camera ready. 

More here.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trip Down South

Last month I visited Nora in Mississippi, where she teaches first graders through Teach For America. It was my first time to the deep South, and the first time I'd seen her since we road tripped from Boston in May. 

We drove down back roads around Oxford, stopping every once in a while to snap or pick wild flowers. Mississippi, for all I've heard about it, is a beautiful place. Rolling fields reminiscent of mid-western landscapes of Iowa by Grant Wood dominate the rural landscape, between cotton fields and helplessly overgrown weeds (and strip malls). 

A memorable spot was Taylor Grocery & Restaurant in Oxford, MS.  Located in a small square, Taylor Grocery is connected to an abandoned building filled with miscellaneous objects. This is my kind of place: unyielding to modern comforts, authentic, and serves killer catfish to boot.

More pictures here.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

L.L. Bean Blucher Moc

Blucher's are a prep essential. Period. My Mom remembers wearing these in college, and I followed in her footsteps (at the same college). They're a great alternative to Topsiders, less well known, and they break in better. In recent years Sperry has upped prices and expanded their brand, marketing to a wider and younger audience. I bought my first pair of Topsiders in high school and paid $60 for them new. Today Sperry sells them for $80. For the same price my Bluchers come with a lifetime guarantee and better quality leather. Buy 'em once, and L. L. Bean will make sure they're yours for years.

Friday, November 9, 2012


After some hiatus, I'm revamping this blog to note some of my favorite finds, wants, and desires. HICKOREE'S has some great stuff, but rarely falls into an affordable price bracket. These pants are an exception. Like Carhartt or other "blue collar" workwear, Earl's Stan Rat Pants are great.  For my money, they're perfect: rugged, understated, cheap, and unusual among people my age. The fact that they're made in the USA is an extra incentive to invest.

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Women of the Bauhaus

Gunta Stölzl

Benita Otte

Marguerite Friedlaender-Wildenhain

Alma Siedhoff-Buscher